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dnd sip code on spa5xx

Luis Azedo
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Level 1


is there a way to change the code the phone sends on dnd ?

i have a spa504g that sends 486 (busy) on dnd and provider tells that it should one of 400/401/402/403/603 CALL_REJECTED.


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Dan Lukes
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

The incoming call has been successfully rejected. Caller will hear the busy tone. It work as expected, I assume. Your ISP has nothing to do with it - he should just forward any code your phone responded to caller.

You didn't described the issue you have so I wish you will be satisfied with answer "it's not possible to modify code used for user-defined user-busy response".

Mark thread as answered if it answered your questions. It will help others to found solutions.

Hi Dan,

thanks for replying.

the issue is that the phone is in a list of devices to ring and the returned code 486 makes other devices not ring. if the call is reject or temp_unavailable (480) it will work as expected.

is there a way to configure spa5xx to send 480 or any of the other mentioned ?


No, it's not possible and it works as expected.

The issue is - you are using SIP the wrong way.

It is possible to register multiple phones for the same credentials - but same credentials claim the same user on all phones. Such user can claim it's busy, but then, there is no reason to ring same user on other phones - the user claimed he is busy, so he is busy.

It seems you wish to have three independent phones instead. Then ask your provider for three pairs of credentials and three phone numbers. Well, you can have one more "group" number in advance assigned by your provider. Calling such group number will ring all numbers in a group - but they are independent, so busy status of one of them doesn't affect others.

But short answer is - you can't order SPA504G to announce busy mode transmitting a different  other code from the one dedicated for busy mode. Sorry.


Hi Dan,

thanks for the reply.

you are making some wrong assumptions on the usage pattern but in the end i got to know what i wanted, "not possible".

this is very disappointed as yealink and polycom phones do have this option (set to 480).

Thank you.