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Dual-line functionality on CP-524G

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I have a customer who has a UC520 with CP-524G IP phones.  Right now I am using CCA 2.2.1 to administer the system, although when I originally installed the UC520, I used CCA 2.0.

After the initial UC520 installation, the CP-524G phones would be able to receive two calls on the same extension, i.e. dual-line.  Recently, one user had me change his extension's call forward busy from "none" to "Voice mail", so that instead of the second call ringing to his phone, it would go to his voicemail.  After a while, he decided he wanted to go back to having the dual-line again, where if he is on his extension and another call come in, it will be like call waiting, and he can answer the second call or not.  So, I switched his CFB back to "none" which is where it had been originally, but now if he's on his extension and a second caller tries to call that extension, the caller just gets a busy signal.  I can't seem to figure out how to get it back to where call waiting is enabled and he can answer the second call.  Right now, he doesn't get any kind of indication that a second call is coming in, and the second caller just gets an immediate busy signal.

Thanks for your assistance.

Adam V.

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CCA as it stands now, does seem to provide any real access to the ehpone-dn element ... and from what you describe, that's what you need to change it from CCA.

My best guess:

When you first made the voice mail forwarding change, it changed the ephone-dn for that extension from dual-line to single ...

Now, you want to undo it, but CCA can't set that back ...

I can't tell for sure from here ...

Can you post the ephone and ephone-dn snipits for that phone from the config?


I'm not a CLI person. I've done a show running config in the past, but I'm not sure I remember the command for that. Also, once I get the running config to come up, how do I know which ephone and ephone-dn refers to the phone that I want. Lastly, what's the best way to copy the text that you want me to post? If you could send me the steps for these procedures I'll get you the information. Sorry about this, I guess that's why I use CCA.

Thanks for your assistance.

Adam V.

So first on the CCA ... I don't have it in front of me, but I'll go from memory ....

Go to the monitoting section on the left, then pick extensions ... what you are looking for is a split panel that has the user extension on the top, then when you highlight them, the bottom part shows the associated lines.

You need to pick the extenetion that you are looking for in the top, this will have a sort of index number in the first column. This corisponds to the ephone entry. The lines in the bottom panel be similar ... these are the ephone-dn entries ...

With this you need to do the "show running-config" ... you can either telnet in to the box and do it, or there is a way in the maintance section of CCA to do it (I think ... )

Now you can go through the information and look for the "ephone-dd XX" one or more of these based on what you saw in CCA ... they should come first ... then the "ephone YY" . You can cut and paste out of there into a text file.

I hope that this helps ...

I realize it's been a couple of months since the original post, but I was waiting to install the latest version of CCA and the latest UC520 software pack before I did anything else.  Installing the latest versions (CCA 2.2.4 and software pack 8.0.2) didn't fix the problem I was having with the dual-line phone.  So, I went into the UC520 via telnet and did a show running-config.  I took a look at the ephone and ephone-dn entries for the phone in question.  The ephone-dn entry indicated "dual line" and the ephone entry indicated "max-calls-per-button 2".  So, I believe those settings were correct, however there was an additional command in the ephone-dn entry for this phone that wasn't in the ephone-dn entries for other phones (which were working fine).  This command was: "huntstop channel".  I suspected this was causing the problem, so I called TAC and they confirmed that was the command which was causing the problem.  They removed it with the "no huntstop channel" command, and then the dual-line phone worked again like a dual-line phone.

I have no idea how the "huntstop channel" command would have gotten in there in the first place.  All I ever did was change call forward busy TO "voicemail" FROM "None" within CCA, and then changed it back to "None" when the user told me he didn't want it to go to voicemail.  I never made any changes in the command line.  I only make changes in CCA.  Somehow, between the time I made the change from "None" to "Voicemail" and eventually back to "None" for CFB for this one phone, "huntstop channel" got added to the ephone-dn entry.  I wouldn't have known how to add that command through CLI and no one else has access to this system.  Apparently, there's no way to resolve this problem through CCA (or at least I'm not aware of it).  I guess the whole purpose of this post is to just let the CCA developers know what happened in case they want to address it as future versions of CCA are released.

Thanks, Adam V.

HI Adam,

I have no idea how the "huntstop channel" command would have gotten in 
there in the first place.

Without trying to re-create this on the lab system, I would have a guess that CCA applied this to the DN when you changed the forwarding option, but then when you removed it, as part of its process, didn't take the hunstop channel off, maybe this is a routine within CCA that the engineers have to look at.

However now that you have brought it up here, I am curious and will try this out today if I get the chance too and see if I can reproduce the problem.



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