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Dynamic PAT

Level 3
Level 3

I need some help with configuring Dynamic PAT (I think).

Here is my setup:

-Cisco UC520 runing latest software pack.

-Configuration done using CCA

-Block of 5 Public IP addresses

-2 Internal webservers on port 80

-UC500 Internal IP

-UC500 External IP

-Both internal webserver have their gateway set as

I would like to have inbound traffic fowarded internally in this way:

External IP port 80 -----> Internal port 80 (Webserver1)

External IP port 80 -----> Internal port 80 (Webserver2)

I believe this is called Dynamic PAT..? Can this be done? Do I need to to use NAT pools or something? And can it be condfigured using CCA so that I conform to out-of-band configuration?

I'm just confused on how outside clients would be able to successfully NAT if they get directed to the UC500 using IP address but then the NAT translation changes it to and the traffic is sent back to the clients with that IP. Wouldn't that get rejected on the client's end?

Hope I'm making sense here. Thank!


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paolo bevilacqua
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Hall of Fame

This static port nat, or PAt, or port-forward.

ip nat inside source static tcp

But in this scenario, traffic would enter the network using one particular external IP and then leave the network using a different external IP address since all internal hosts are using the same gateway.

Would I need to configure multiple routes for all of the external IP addresses in my block of external IP's?

No. You just need to configure as per above, and do not worry abount anything.