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Email original caller's caller ID in transferreed call message

Brook Powers
Level 1
Level 1

UC540, latest firmware.

Outside call from 202-555-1212, answered by extension 200 and forwarded to extension 201.

Outside caller leaves a voice mail message which is then forwarded to x201's e-mail.

The email sent from UC540 reads "voicemail message from x201".

Is there a way to retain/replace/show the original caller's caller ID info instead?

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Mario Garcia
Level 3
Level 3

Try logging into CUE Web GUI ( if default)

Voicemail>VM Configuration

Mailbox selection

Changed to "Original called party"

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Thanks for the tip!

I thought I tried that. Just to be sure I tried it again and it didnt work.

Any other ideas appreciated.

We presented this same issue to Cisco a long time ago, and they responded that was by design so there was no way to change it to show the original calling party caller ID. As far as the system is concerned, the call is from 200. It has been very frustrating for our clients.