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Existing features under the hood

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I know a lot of people have been asking for new features which are already there, unfortunately they're hidden away in undocumented pages and before you can get to them the box has to be unlocked, e.g. Fully editable dial plans etc. I know, I've had the hidden configuration pages demonstrated to me.

Given what seems to be such a large demand for those features from users on this forum, couldn't Cisco offer to unlock the boxes and let the community continue development?  It does seem that the new features which people want access to are never going to be implemented and I think the community realises that it's not down to the Cisco staffers that post on this forum but the decisions being made much higher up that are preventing the useful upgrades from being developed.

Any chance of unlocking our boxes so we can carry on where Cisco stopped?

Yours truly,

Harry T' Spider

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Ditto on that.

With opening the UC320 for community-development, there is the possibility that it doesn't take long and the UC320 outperforms the UC500. That's probably not what Cisco likes to see.

We have to realise that it was a big fault to buy that box and live with the limited feature-set.

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Thanks for your comments. I will escalate the concern reported in this post.



The main problem is that cisco thinks a small business customer needs less features. But they just need less scalability and not a system where essential features are missing.

Don't stop after you've improved your network! Improve the world by lending money to the working poor:

Dear Nitin,

Any news about your escalation?!?

If you lock all those forum discussion you can see that so many people have the same problem.

Paul Williamson
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I have just had my unit replaced due to a fault, however, whilst investigations were taking place, the box was unlocked.  During this time I was able to edit my dial plans directly and successfully had a line set up to make calls over the SIP network to other voip numbers as opposed to telephone numbers.

It seems a real shame that this is not enabled as it would enable businesses using this product to make free calls to staff on the same network which would certainly alleviate if not remove the problem for small businesses clamouring for a remote teleworker solution.

Now I have a new, locked box, I'm only able to make calls to standard, (geographical) telephone numbers.

We can hope?



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Do you know if its possible to sync Microsoft Outlook contacts with the UC320w so they are accessible via the phone directory?


Nope - Sorry.

Also, anyone reading this who would like an unlocked box - if you go back to the top of this thread, there's a button you can push saying "I have this problem" - You never know your luck, if enough people press it, we might get what we ask for.

No sniggering at the back!