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External Call Ring

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Reading through lots and lots of post about this I still can't figure out if there has been a "Simple" solution to this.

I have an AA that dumps External calls to Phones via their EXT when typed in, and we want an external call ringing on a phone on button1

to have the phone ring in a different tone to an internal call to button1.

Preferably with configuration via the CCA

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David Trad
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi Peter,

A call coming into an extension from an AA might be perceived as an internal call, thus making the Cadence tone the same as an internal call... As much as we may want to debate this, it is what it is sadly

I would suggest the following to you:

* Create a second button that is used for calls coming in from the AA or externally

* Map the DID's and or the AA to ring that butt (Which is a secondary extension and normally outside of the range you have for your primary extension)

* Have all internal calls going to their primary extension

You can in theory have all the calls coming in on that second button also point to the primary extensions VM, simply by using the TransferVM steering digit, this way they are only managing one VM at a time.

I hope this helps you out


David Trad.

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