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Factory reset of a UC560

Mark Dragone

Hello All - I would like to factory reset a UC560 but have a question about the licensing.  Other than the 16 licenses that come with the unit, I have additional licenses that are installed.  Do I lose those licenses on a reset?  If I do, can I reinstall them with the same PAK's that I used when originally adding the additional phone/voicemail licenses.  If not, what needs to be done to obtain new PAK's for the additional licenses.  Thanks in advance.

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David Trad
Rising star
Rising star

Hi Mark,

If you are using CCA those Licenses should port over, CCA will make note of them and make sure that they remain after the reset is carried out... However What I am not certain of is if you choose the format flash card part if it reinstates the licenses that are stored on there

If this was a CLI based license insert, then you would need to get those licenses of the flash card and make sure they are backed up, then do the reset and go through the procedure again, the PAK code only gets you the license file, the license file itself sits on the flash card.



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