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factory reset SPA509G


Dear all,

I have extra 20 SPA509G phones which previously provisioned by VoIP hosted provider and then changed to another. They have pushed firmware 7.6.1 to all phones al so they disabled web login info and activated admin password.for factory reset. We were going to give these phones to charity but we are unable to reset them to factory default. I have tried with spa50x-30x-7-6-1-recovery but it cant even find the phone on the network, with 12F's or with serial number. I can ping the phone with an IP however, unable to login with web portal because they also disabled it.

Can some one please help or provide guide line how we can by pass admin password and do reset phone to factory default?

Your help will be much appreciated.

Best regards,

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Dan Lukes

Recovery firmware can't be used on phone with valid firmware. Unless your display show something like ...

... forget recovery firmware.

disabled web login info and activated admin password.for factory reset

Rephrased - the authorized administrator has hardened phone not to allow unauthorized users to take control over the device.

It's valuable feature of this model line. Of course, there must be no way for unauthorized user to override such lock.

So sorry, it's not possible to take control over the phone unless authorized administrator will grant you the access.

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