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Feature Request - System Speed Dial

Level 1
Level 1


I understand there are much more pressing dev issues right now with the UC320, but might I request something to look into for future updates.

Not sure if anyone else has this problem, but our employees really dislike the external corporate directory of the UC320. We have SPA504G phones, and they find it much too time consuming to navigate to the corporate directory (4 key strokes just to get to it) and then having to scroll through 50 - 60 entries to find what you want and press another button to dial.

Our old BCM system had an excellent feature called "system speed dial". It was a speed dial at the system level (accessable by all phones on that system) which allowed for fast dialing of common numbers. I believe it was capable of 99 speed dials.

How it worked was you press one button (system speed dial) then punched in the two digit speed dial number to make the call. That was it, your call was made. We had printouts that were kept on the employee desks of the speed dial list. It saved a lot of time versus how we need to do it now with our UC320.

Any suggestions that I am overlooking? I know we can do speed dials but they are not at the system level and cannot hold the capacity that we require.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Thanks your for your comment and suggestion for a system wide speed dial list. 

This feature already has an enhacement defect assigned to it:CSCty33878 and is currently under review for future release.




Thank you for the follow up. As an added suggestion, it would be nice if we could assign an internal extension number to access the speed dial input.

That way, we can either program a soft key with the speed dial extension or on phones like the spa301, we can just dial the speed dial extension, then dial the speed dial slot number.