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Firmware Crash (Urgent)



I was applying the latest firmware to my UC320W.  It managed to install the interim firmware, but hung installing the latest firmware.  I have now closed the browser session and cannot get back in.  the phones all have a red light on the top right and the phones are not working.  What is my next move?


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Christopher Edgeworth
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Hi Tony,

What version were you upgrading from?  You need to put a call into the SBSC where an engineer can help you recover the system:



Hi Tony,

Is there any message on the Phones' screen, such as Updating firmware?  Other?  When you say it hanged installing the latest firmware, did you manage to re-open the browser window and login to the UC320W config utility and allow to install the 2nd image (2.1.1(7)).  or is this where you are stuck right now.  Is the WAN link of the UC320W up?

If repeated attempts to open the UC320W configuration utility are not succesful, please call the SBSC as soon as possible, and they will get your system operational quickly.

Their phone number is: 1-866-606-1866.

The following page contains the pertinent Small Business Support Center contact list.




I was upgrading from 2.0.9 to the latest version using the web interface, i.e. direct from the cloud.  I managed to install the interim firmmware and reboot but hung on the second at the downloading firmware step.

I caled support and they asked me to refresh the page, so I got a blank page.

I was then told to turn it off and on again.  The phones seem to have come bak to life and the lines work.  I have now logged back in to the UC320W wed interface and can see that it is uing the interim firmware, however the interim firmware automatically runs the next firmware upgrade, so it is sitting at the same screen, i.e. step 2 downloading firmware.

She has asked me to leave it in the hopes it will work.  however she was saying tht if it did not work I could update the firmware manually through the interface, but as I can't get past this screen it will not be possible.


OK, got a little progress.  Called back and they advised that I close the browser and turn off the UC320W, then unplug the WAN port and turn it back on.  It then gave me the option to upload the upgrade manually from my computer.  I am presently downloading the firmware from the site and can see that it is 168MB.  My internet seems very slow at the mminute and this is taking over 20 minutes to download.  So I may have been too impatient with the download process in the first place, but it has to be said the first download said it would take about 5 minutes to get to the interim firmware and it took less than that,and the main download does not warn you at all how long it will take.

I will update later with the results.



I downloaded the firmware from here:

And Applied it through the interface.  Worked perfectly.  Thank you for all your comments.

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