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From start to finish on UC540


Hello all,

I don't know about you all.  But the CCA has giving me lots of problems.    So I got problems that i need to figure out.  We have small branch locations that have only about 5 to 20 users at.  So we have purchased 3 of these units (3 more on the way), because the UC320 does not allow us to chagne the voice VLAN ID from 100.  Each location will have there own set of VLAN IDs preset for Data, and Voice.  We only need the UC540 for voice "pbx" for the site and Wireless AP in the building were the UC540 will be. 


  1. Right off the bat I read everywhere that the UC540 is only supported in CCA and not CLI.  But I don't see away to enable VTP in CCA?  What can i do?
  2. So on the first and only unit thus far, I went ahead and enable VTP on the UC540 via Cli.  When I jump back into the CCA, to change IP settings, when I hit the Apply button the CCA starts configure "DHCP pools...", and stays there for ever.  How do i fix this?
  3. Also, the only other thing I have done in the Cli is create a SVI for our management vlan and added a route to the UC540.  So I can access the unit.  But i see that the UC540 uses BVI for interfaces.

Here is what I'm tring to get to, so please any suggestions on how to get to this point:

  • Enable VTP
  • on the UC540 data and Voice VLAN ID change.
  • The data VLAN is really only going to be used for wireless traffic into the existing wired network and Management of the UC540 itself.
  • Change the Voice VLAN ID and subnet range, and be the DHCP server for the at VLAN.
  • We need to configure SIP trunks over the WAN port. 
    • But the UC540 will not need to NAT or support any firewall functions.  So will need to disable these.
  • Enable Wireless for the Data VLAN.

So please if you if anyone has a overview step by step i should follow, because what I have now is a unit that I can't change IP addresses on, or anything else really.  I haven't even started on the Telephony stuff.  Do you see any problems with these wants?



1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
  • The UC540 does not support VTP.  Please remember that the UC540 is designed for the stand-alone Small Business customer.  However, since UC540 runs IOS under the covers, you will see a lot of "artifacts" in the CLI.  But just because a feature appears in the CLI doesn't mean it's supported (or even works) on the UC540.  This is why you can't "save" it.  In general, I would not use VTP anyway as the UC540 only support 5 VLANs. 
  • You can change the default VLANs from CCA.  By default, VLAN 1 is for data, and VLAN 100 is for voice.  But you can modify the defaults.  Just follow the directions on the CCA Configuration Guide on page 174. 
  • You can change IP addresses and DHCP scopes (see page 185).
  • You cannot "disable" the firewall, but you can modify the settings so that it's not performing any functions per se.  See page 248.  You can also disable NAT if you don't need it (page 233). 
  • To enable and configure the wireless functions, see page 193.
  • Link to CCA Admin Guide:

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