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Help with UC560-T1E1-K9 - can not complete conference

Dear experts,

I need help with my UC-560-T1E1. I'm trying to enable Meet-Me Conference. Using CCA --> Telephony --> Voice Features

+ Enable Multi-party Conferencing

+ Mode G711 ( All phone use G711 as well)

+ Maximum Multi-party session : 2 (1 for adhoc, 1 for Meet Me)

+ Meet-me setup : 1. 770 is enable

After saving configuration, I dial "770". But the phone alert that " Can not complete conference". and their is no soft key for conference on phone.

In addtion, as viewing the console log, I see something like "Can't open file system:/its/SEP64D814A57311.cnf.xml for write" when enabling Multi-party conferecing

Please kindly help me with this problem

Best Regards!

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Darren DeCroock
Level 4
Level 4


In order to use Meet-Me conferencing, you have two options.

1.  Conferences have to be "initiated" by an internal phone.

     a) To initiate conference, pickup an internal phone handset, hit "more" button on phone menu, hit "MeetMe" option.  Then dial meet-me extension (770).  Now that the conference has been initiated, other phones can just dial the 770 extension to join the conference.

2.  Select "Enable Meet-me Unlocked" on the CCA page for the conference configuration.

     a) To initiate a conference, just dial the conference extension (770).  Users can join by dialing 770 also.

Thank you,