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How to set up dual channel number on the spa 112

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I can not understand. How to organize a 2-channel with one sip account.

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The basic intent of a SPA112 is to provide two separate phone lines using two sip accounts.

It is clear. We use 2 fxs port gateways dlink dvg2102. These devices feature Immersed fxs number representation, through which implement possibility of 2 linear operation. I do not believe that cisco is impossible to implement.

Do you have already tried to configure the same account on both, phone 1 and phone 2 interfaces?

In my case work right.


Yes I tried to register identical accounts on both ports. In this case one (fxs port 2) is registered only, a condition of the second failed.

Could be a limitation of your provider.

Check if SIP GUID is disabled and verify that line 1 and 2 use different sip ports.


Even if you get that working, both won't stay registered at the same time unless you use different SIP accounts. Depending on your provider, you may be able to create a separate SIP account for the second port.

If you use the same SIP account on both ports, you'll be able to make outbound calls from both, but inbound will only go to the currently registered port, which will likely switch back and forth every few minutes because as one registers, the other becomes unregistered.

What exactly are you trying to do?

Thanks Gabriel Luci. I tried to apply Daniele Giordano option with various ports, but the success isn't present. When using the same account on both ports, the gateway works as you described. Calls can't be carried out (if status off line "not register"), even if to establish an option of permission of calls without registration.

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