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I can now duplicate this extremely serious bug

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Level 1

I can now duplicate this extremely serious bug on the UC320.  System has been upgraded to 2.3.3(4), it was occurring under the previous version as well.

The bug allows an outside caller to hear private conversations.

Here is a description of the sequence of events:

(1) I sit at a phone attached to the UC320, in this case an SPA508G, and I start to dial a number.

(2) Before I finish dialing the number, a call is transferred to me either by another person in my office, or the AA.

(3) I finish dialing my number.

This is what happens:  The person that was transferred to my extension is now a third party on my call for about fifteen seconds.  They can hear everything I'm saying, and everything the person I called is saying, but we cannot hear anything this third party is saying.  This goes on for about fifteen seconds and THEN they are transferred to my voicemail.

I can, if I chose, select to NOT finish dialing the number and just take that incoming call.

Is there some way I can disable this disturbing problem?  Some setting I can change on the phone or something so that when I'm dialing a call, incoming calls go to voicemail immediately or something like that?

Please Cisco, please answer me.  I know you guys have discontinued this product but a problem like this deserves an answer.

BTW, this install uses a Broadvox SIP trunk and no POTS lines.

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Level 1
Level 1

Twenty views and no response from Cisco?

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