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inbound calls/queues will not ring device

I've been troubleshooting a problem with an extension that would not ring even though it was logged into varoius queues. Even calls directly to that extension would not cause it to ring.

I deleted the extension 102 and recreated but still no luck.

I decided to swap phones to potentially see if the hardware is to blame, and I feel it might be.

I disconnected both phones and confirmed they were not registered on the system (3cx by the way), I also restarted the phone system.

I then altered the provisioning rules on the two extensions by swapping the MAC addresses.

So now, ext 101 uses the device which was on 102, and 102 uses the device which was 101.

I connect the device for extension 101, at first boot, it was 102, but then it instantly reprovisioned to 101.

After successful registration, I made several inbound calls from an external phone (my cell). I called every queue, and even dialed the extension directly.

Each call was a success.

Just as I'm about to reconnect the device which will become 102, a live call comes in and now ext 101 does not ring, even though it should because of the queue the customer dialed.

I proceeded to reconnect 102, it registers and I make all the same inbound calls except this time.101 does not ring for any queue, while 102 rings every time.

Then, to see if there could be any blame on a specific extension. I unplugged power from 102, confirmed it was unregistered, and made the same inbound calls. 101 never rang on any queue or directly. After these results I stopped logging. But prior to this, I have pcaps on the server and on the lan (lan will capture all the devices). Also have syslogs.

After I stopped recording pcaps, I made a couple more tests and while 102 was disconnected I was able to directly dial 101, and reach it via 1 queue, but subsequent tests gave the same results as before, no rings on queues and even directly again.

Lastely, I had a new phone which was only used once for provisioning (backup extension). 3cx is insisting a hardware issue.

This new phone (well months old but again, only used once previously) is giving me the same issue.

The difference, the other phone in question was hardware version 1.0.2 and this newer one is 1.0.3 but they all have 7.5.4 firmware

Generally speaking, both of the phones that have these issues have absolutely no problems making calls (internal or external). But they just will not ring.

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