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Inbound SIP trunk busy when routed to AA


Hey guys,

We have been having some strange things with our UC520 lately, so I built up a UC540 as a backup, and then rebuilt our UC520.  Both of these systems are exhibiting the same behavior on all inbound SIP calls that are routed directly to our AA - a fast busy signal.

At the end of the day, I want all incoming SIP calls to go to a blast group during the day, and our After Hours AA . . . well, after hours.  The way that I would like to accomplish this is through a combination of Floating Extensions and Night Service, but it doesn't quite work.  Ideally, my floating extension would forward all calls to my initial blast group during the day.  Night Service would forward those same calls to our AA after hours.  Floating extensions works to automatically forward inbound calls to my blast group, but the Night Service rules don't bypass that blast group to send the inbound calls directly to our AA.  You have to wait until the cfna timer completes before you finally get the AA.

So in the past, I've just set up a CIPC where I do the same thing.  Configure the CIPC to forward all calls to the blast group, then set up night service.  This actually works, but right now, those inbound calls give me a fast busy whenever they are delivered to the AA extension.  All other extensions seem to work okay.

It seems like this is probably a transcoding issue, but I've not been able to find it.  Preferred codec on the UC is G.711ulaw.

SIP Trunk provider is NexVortex.

Any suggestions on where to start looking?  Thanks for your help!


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Figured it out.  I had turned off "hairpinning" for the SIP trunk.  It would appear that the system was therefore not forwarding the calls to the AA.

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