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internal / external call forward busy

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Hi all ...

we setup a new UC560 (8.0.4) at a customer. On all ephones we configure huntstop channel - only one call is coming in. Now we configure a call forward busy to the Voicemail-System.

The customer want's, that call from internal hear a busy tone and have no redirection to the voicemail, because they want's to use the callback button. Calls from external should redirected to the voicemail directly.

Is it possible to configure that?



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Brandon Buffin
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VIP Alumni


     The UC560/CME has no concept of internal/external calls. One workaround would be to have 2 DNs on each phone in an overlay configuration.

ephone-dn 1 dual-line

number 100

huntstop channel

ephone-dn 2 dual-line

number 101

huntstop channel

call-forward busy 200 (Voicemail number)

ephone 1

button 1o1,2

Interal callers could dial 100. External calls to a DID or transferred by a receptionist could be sent to 101.

Hope this helps.


Surely the CCA should have this concept of internal and external standard in it's design? This is a very common feature with other systems. Not having this feature creates major problems when trying to create optimal telephone service to outside callers. Internal callers should not have to remember multiple numbers either.

The issue is call forwarding in part should be there for people dialing into DID numbers - if there is no answer either forward to voicemail or to the operator, or back to the operator if the operator transferred the call to an extension. Why is there no standard voicemail prompt configurable in the CCA if the caller would rather speak to the operator instead of leaving a message and or get transfered to a person that is available?

If there is no voice mail configured and the DID is forwarded lets say after 30 seconds to operator works really well for the general telephone service to outside callers. The issue is that the operator should not have to answer forwarded internal calls as well. Internal callers don't really need to be part of the call flows.

Is there anything one could do to solve these issues?