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Internet SSH Access

Joseph Chambers

IOS: 12.4(22)YB/ CME 7.1

Initially config'd with CCA 2.0.1

I want to be able to access UC520 from anywhere on the Internet.

When I do "sh access-lists) on 107 - I see matches for ssh line.

I even tried access-class on line vty 0 4 & 5 100.

Anyone see what I'm missing?

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Steven Smith
Rising star
Rising star

I don't see SSH in the access-list for 107.  I see 3389 (RDP), 443 (SSL), NTP and IPSEC protocols.

Is this the latest config?  I don't see anything in the ACL's for TCP 22.

Here is my latest config.

I have tac case open.

Not that it should matter...

ip nat inside source static tcp 22 interface FastEthernet0/0 22

Let me know if that works.

It changed nothing - still doesn't work

turns out ISP had NAT on their no issue on the UC520

Glad to hear your problem was fixed.

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