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IP address gone

Level 1
Level 1

Trying to deploy a UC520.

Having problems with XO SIP service.

Need to upgrade system to 4.2.5

Currently changed the default ip to to fit it their network scheme.

Have had no problems until I did the software upgarde.  Current version was 4.2.0.

Now when I try to access the system thru CCA it says unreachable.

I have also tried the default IP

Still nothing!

How do I get my access back to the box?         

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Steven Smith
Level 7
Level 7

If it is running DHCP, you could see where the responce is coming from.  If not, you would have to log in via the console port.

This link will give you information on the cabling to log in.

Use the 800 series router as an example.

After you connect, it will ask for username and password.  First try what you have configured last.  If that fails, try cisco/cisco.

Then type this.

show ip int bri

You should see an IP address there that you can connect to.



yeah I turned off DHCP for their internal server.

Will give a try.  Strange just took away the ip interface.

Phones still can call internally, but no access to CME.