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Is there proper way to gracefully shut off a UC540

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I was curious if there is a is there proper way to gracefully shut off a UC540. The reason I ask is our demo kit went crazy and I believe it was due to all the sudden power off in the field

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David Trad
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi holguie81,

The UC-500 doesn't take to kindly to the power going on/off too many times in a row, it has the potential to corrupt the IOS or damage the files on the flash card, or worse, corrupt the CUE database which is a nightmare to restore.

There is no graceful shutdown procedure with these systems.



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Hi David,

Thanks for the response. Is the a way to shut off cue or bring it down? prior to powering the system off?.

My experience is not as bad ad David's one.

To gracefully shutdown CUE, telnet to it and enter 'shutdown'.

No procedure is needed or available for IOS. Hower, if you're really paranoid, you can remove the flash card before turning off.