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Issue w 1 button park on Cisco spa509

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Level 1



I’m trying to configure some of the line keys on a Cisco spa509 phone to PARK/UNPARK calls with an Asterisk/freePBX server.

Park func seems to be working fine as expected. I have Line Key 9 configured as follows:

Extension: Disabled

Share Call Appearance: Private

Extended Function: fnc=sd;ext=70@$PROXY;nme=PARK


Now configuring Line Key 1 thru 4 (right of display) to monitor/pick up from parking lots 71-74 causes the phone to freeze !!! I have Line Key 1 as follows:

Extension: Disabled

Short Name: LN 1

Share Call Appearance: Private

Extended Function: fnc=blf+sd+cp;sub=71@$PROXY;nme=LN 1


What’s interesting is that I have an attendant console attached to it and I move this configuration to a key on the console, it works fine and picks up the call!


Cisco fmwr ver is: 7.6.1. Very awkward.

Any idea what might be causing this? I really like to do this on the phone as there are enough keys and there is no need for an attendant console.



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Dan Lukes
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni
fnc=blf+sd+cp;sub=71@$PROXY;nme=LN 1

Just blind shot - the space in nme string is causing it ...


If you wish for more than just blind guess, turn on syslog and debug (highest level possible), capture and disclose them - it may help us to provide a better advice.

Space doesn't seem to be the issue. I removed it and that didn't make any difference.

Could it be a bug in the firmware?

May be - or may not. No way to decide with no details. Turn on log (including debug), catch it and disclose - it may be possible to decide then. Or not ...

If you suspect firmware bug, you may try another firmware version (but it may be affected as well).

Or try "try n' example" approach - make configuration as simple as possible, then add changes one by one. Once issue manifests you know change causing it.

Or call SMB support and try to submit ticket ...