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IVR for UC500

Michael Siegel
Level 1
Level 1

I'm looking to implement a customer self service option on our phone system.  Here are the features I need:

MS SQL integration

convert query results to voice output

Fax or email information upon request

What is the most robust solution when it comes to the above?  I'd be willing to make investments in hardware and software.

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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

You will need an ISR G2, CME, CUE and IVR licenses to do that, because UC500 does not support IVR licenses in any manner or fashion.

An alternative would be to use TCL/IVR with VXML that needs no CUE, no licenses, and works on the UC500, but's it's quite complicated programming for which you have to code a lot, unlike the CUE approach.

Can you suggest which ISR G2 would be best?  Let us assume 100 or less self service calls in a day and 3 maximum concurrent calls.  Are any additional modules required for the router?  What license numbers will I need?  Is it fairly straightforward to implement using this approach?

Regarding the TCL/IVR with VXML approach, is there any training materials or documentation available so I can learn to program a solution?  Example scripts would be helpful too.


First question is how many phones do they need.

Then, to generate a list of materials and quote, you will necessarily need to work with an official Cisco reseller. That is because only them can know all the details involved, and work the quoting process.

You can judge yourself the difficulty of programmin CUE IVR script looking at "Cisco Unity Express Guide to Writing and Editing Scripts". You can find this document, as well the TCL/VXML ones, using the search box on the top right of