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MeetMe conferencing only works on second try

Hi -- 

Until a few months ago our setup was working just fine.  We made no changes, but started having trouble with our conference line.  Someone would set up a MeetMe conference and participants could join but would not hear one another.  Only after all participants exit the call and the MeetMe conference is recreated and the participants rejoin could they hear one another.  This happens every time.  After a successful call, we can reconnect only within the first few minutes without the rigmarole of creating/joining/dropping/recreating/rejoining.  After an hour or so we have to start over.

We're using a UC520 with CME 8.1/CUE 7.0.3; like I said, no configuration changes were made prior to this problem starting.  The phenomenon happens whether we're using internal phones only or both internal and external/SIP.

In order to troubleshoot the problem, I set up a new set of ephones that would handle a meetme conference.  The new set behaves exactly as the old one does.  I'm not seeing anything in the logs that indicates a problem... I haven't tried debugging, because I'm not quite sure what to debug.

I haven't found anything like this online, but perhaps I just don't know what to search for.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much,

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