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Missed Calls and monitor FXS Port

Paul Norris
Level 1
Level 1

We have installed a lot of UC540 and UC520 and I find the unit very good.

However the UC320 is a different story.

Why can you not redial a missed call directly from the phone is beyond me.

Why can you not monitor a user on an FXS port is also beyond me.

The FXS ports cannot be part of a shared extension " WHY "

These small but headache problems upset customers.

I installed a UC320 in a customers house and the first thing that was said is how to I redial a missed call. It does not work.

Can my home line SIP Number ring both my office phone and home cordless phone so that I can see if it is the home line that's ringing on my office phone. Ummm no Mr Customer that does not work. Unless I stick them in a hunt group and then you have no idea where the call has come from.

Paul Norris BSc

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Level 4
Level 4


I will note down the feature requests. thanks. Dialing for missed call list with out having to insert a 9 is something we are working on.

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