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moh over vpn to remote worker

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I have a Cisco UC520 with an external source (using external port) for MoH (Music on Hold). The MoH works perfectly on handsets directly connected to the UC520. However I have a remote worker that is unable to hear any MoH and instead just hears the ToH (Tone on Hold). The remote worker and UC520 are both connected to the internet using Cisco 887 routers with a VPN established between the two 887's. The remote worker is using a 7941 handset. The UC520 is running a fairly old software pack (7.x) but has not shown any other problems so there hasnt previously been a need to upgrade.

Is it possible to get calls placed on hold by the remote worker to hear the external source MoH?

If so, is the problem to do with multicast packets across the VPN?

Is it possible to use unicast packets for the MoH using an external source? (I read that unicast disables the external port on the UC520)

Any assistance is appreciated


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paolo bevilacqua
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For my curiosity only, what is the business need for an internal extension to hear MoH ?

its not for an internal extension to hear MoH, its for a caller that is placed on hold by the remote worker. We are getting reports that the caller is unsure if they are on hold and hanging up. If non-remote workers place calls on hold the caller hears the MoH as normal.

Sorry, I got confused by the sentence "remote worker that is unable to hear any MoH".

Update IOS and check again.

I can upgrade the IOS but I just wanted to confirm that what I am trying to achieve is plausible or if it is a routing issue that would need a different approach.

File-based MoH to PSTN callers does not have to do with routing.

but this is not file based, this is using the external MoH port on the UC520.

Same concept, MoH is local to the router and doesn't have to travel anywhere to reach DSP and voice port.