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Multi-Site UC560 Deployment

David Linardy
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Level 1

The Scenario

-My Customer has  2 sites with Less than 50 user each.

-They currently 3 digit dial between the two locations with their existing phone system (NEC) and the use of a PTP circuit.

-Site 1's extension range is 100-199 & 300-399, Site 2's extension range is 200-299.

The Challenge:

-The Customer would like to take advantage of Cisco SBCS and have all interoffice communications be handled by sending gateway to gateway voice traffic over a VPN , and eliminate the exorbitant cost of the PTP...


The Question  

-I was told that you must 4 digit dial from location to location via a location # (1 or 2).

-Is there a way around this? Can my customer maintain the 3 digit dialing?

Any configuration help offered is greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,


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Level 1

HI David,

if you set up site 1 as extension range 200 - 299 and site 2 as 300 -399 and use the UC540/560 multisite then the default intersite dialing will be

Intersite access code + site code + Extension.

ie from site 1 to site 2 extension 301 you ould dial 82301

and from site 2 to site 1 extension 275 you would dial 81275.


to keep the 3 digit dial you can setup floating extensions in site 1 from 300-399 that do a forward to 82301-82399, you can even give them the same names as the names on the other system and vice versa on site 2

So from site 1 to dial site 2 extension 301 they ould just dial 301

this then is floating ext 301, which is a divert to 82301 and then the UC on site 2 handles the call as normal.

It does give a bit more management on the systems in having ro create each extension 2 and such but it works and we have used it at several customers and after all thats what juniors or trainees are for

Hope this helps



Really appreciate the input… this is exactly what I was looking for…

David A. Linardy

Advanced Computer Technologies Inc.

Direct: 203.663.1033

Fax: 203.847.2475

Hello David,

Graeme is correct, as that would be the only way to use 3 digit dialing if the unit is being maintained by CCA.  If this is a CLI administered unit, the dial-peers for the multisite dialing can be modified so that the access code is not required.  You would just have to modify the outgoing and incoming dial-peers on both sites to accomplish this.   Just keep in mind, that using CLI on a CCA supported unit could void your support with Small Business Support for that configuration.

Thank you,