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Need SIP provider that will allow me to send SNR caller-id

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I have a UC560 that is running 8.6.1 and we have a PRI connected as the only phone line.  Our PRI provider will not let us send a caller id phone number that is not in their system so when we have a SNR call it shows up as our main number on the cell phone. I am looking to get a SIP connection to allow me to do this and send the original caller id to the cell phone on a SNR call. I have setup Skype for SIP and it does not send the correct caller id.

Does anyone use a SIP provider that the SNR caller id works?

Let me know and I will try it.

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Darren DeCroock
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Level 4


I personally do not know of a specific SIP provider that I could recommend.  But there are some out there that validate the call based on the IP address it is coming from and not the Caller-ID/Account number.

Maybe someone else here may know of a provider they could suggest.

Thank you,


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Level 1

Take a look at NexVortex. If you decide to use their service let them know Jordan Feldman of Penn Automotive sent you. Good Luck!

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We have used both NexVortex and Flowroute for this.

We prefer Flowroute.

Keep in mind SIP over the public internet has no voice quality guarantee -- at some point it will be bad.