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New feature: Auto DND when Bluetooth phone is away

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Level 1

Dear Cisco Engineers,

I want to propose a new cool feature, after my recent experience with my new IP phone SPA525G2 in my office.

I have paired my SPA with my mobile phone via bluetooth and I am receiving both my mobile and landline calls in one device when I come into my office. This is great!

It would help me more, if my SPA will go into DND mode automatically when loses bluetooth connection with my mobile phone.

In that case, SPA will return immediately BUSY back to my pbx and maybe play a message or start a voicemail or begin a call forward, etc...

I think you could support it via an option (default off), in case a user does not need this feature.

I look forward including that feature in your future plans and upgrades.

Thank you!

PS. I hope this is a good place for new features posting.

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