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New line only for to call mobiles phones


Hi to all,

I have one UC320W device on a customer, they have three FXO lines connected on the device. They want to connect one line more to call anly mobiles phones...

They to call anywhere are using the 0 digit and the UC320W assigns a FXO line to this user. In Spain the fixed telephony begins by 9 and the mobile telephony begins by 6. Can I to assign the new line when the user press the 06........????

I have seen in the device that the number buttons can be assigned for some purposes (to external calls, to voice mail, etc..) Can I to assign two or more purposes on one key????


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If I have understood this query correctly, I think this is another example of what I have asked for: To be able to assign differnet line access keys (numbers) to specific fxo ports. David once his to select a specirfic line to ring mobiles, we need it to choose specific lines (from different carriers) to route via a private network.

Give us this functionality and solve (at least) 2 clients' problems!

I've the same problem. My customer has an uc320 with two fixed fxo lines and two lines for mobile. The only way i've found to select the fxo line for mobile calls is by sharing the fxo.

But this is not the solution,

Cisco, dont you have any way (keying number 6, for example,..) for selecting an output fxo line. Can you modify the firmware to allow the uc320 to select the fxo line for doing a mobile to mobile call.

Please, we need a solution !!!

My customer is getting very very very ... better not to say

Waiting for hear from you soon

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