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Personal speed-dials on SPA525G2/SPA500S buttons

Roman Rodichev
Level 7
Level 7

Here's some info for those who are trying to figure out how to assign personal speed-dials to buttons on SPA500S side car

  • Speed-dials always use phone/SPA500S buttons starting with speed-dial 1 after all other button assignments.
  • For example, If you have the last SPA500S button assigned as a watch then speed-dials won't be assigned to any buttons
  • In other words, always configure non-speeddial buttons before speeddials
  • Bluetooth button simply takes button 5, it doesn't shift other speed-dials and non-speeddials
  • Example you want 1st button to be line, 2nd to be intercom, 3 and 4 unused, 5 reserved for bluetooth, 6 through X for watches on SPA500S, and then speed dials
  • What this means is that every time you add or remove a watch on SPA500S, your speeddials shift, which means you have to rewrite labels every time you do this
  • So it's better if you put speeddials so that they use the last buttons on the SPA500S
  • If I have 8 watches on SPA500S (buttons 6 through 13 in config, or buttons 1 through 8 on SPA500S),
  • then my speed-dials from 1 to 24 can be assigned to buttons 9 through 32 on SPA500S
  • This means my last speed-dial should be 24, the one before should be 23, etc.
  • If I were to add one watch to button 9 on SPA500S, then I need to shift all speed dials. So the last speed-dial is 23, the one before is 22
  • If I were to remove one watch from button 8 on SPA500S, then I need to shift all speed dials. So the last speed-dial is 24, the one before is 23.
  • This way you won't have to rewrite labels
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