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Phone load - UC540

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Level 1

All of my phones have been 7960's to date but decided to add a 7970G.  However I cannot get hte phone to pair up with the UC540 - instead am just getting flashing green line buttons.  Have checked the CCA and it would appear that our installer may have deleted all phone loads except the one for the 7940 phones.  Have downloaded both the Skinny and the SIP firmware files but cannot seem to add them - when trying to upload them the uploader can only see .ZIP file types.  Have found .ZIP files on the Cisco site but neither are compatible with our UC540.  Any ideas?

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Martin Moran
Level 3
Level 3

Hi @rgwedgwood,

What do you mean when you say that your "uploader can only see .ZIP file types"? Why don't you unzip the .ZIP file and upload the unzipped files with a TFTP software into the UC540 flash? (tftpd32 is a great choice)

Also, Can you share some output of the show running-config of the UC540 to see how you have configured the UC540 as a TFTP Server for the new 7970G firmware?


Martin, IT Specialist

My service contract expired where can I get these files?

Albert Wilhelm
Level 1
Level 1

Hello rgwedgwood,

The best way to upload phone firmware is through CCA 3.2(3). If you are using CCA, go to Maintenance - Phone Load Management. Select the tab called "Upload Phone Loads". Browse to the software pack on your local computer, preferably 8.2 or later. You can downloaded the UC540W software pack from the Cisco support site.

CCA will read and parse the software pack zip file and present you with the list of phone loads to install. Select your phone load you wish to upload.

Click on Upload and CCA will transfer the 7970G phone firmware to the UC540W.

Hope this helps.


Wait, how do you install a software pack?  I want to add my CIsco 7914 to the system.  I checked my phone loads and it isn't there.  How can I fix it?