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Phone Loads

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I have got Cisco-520  with 16 user license and I  am going implement IP telephony in our environment for the first time.

I have few pre-implementation questions

1. I saw in the specification that this model supports all latest models of Cisco IP phones  and most of the settings are pre-configured to support for small businesses. So in this case When I connect an IP phone to the router's PoE port will the phone auto-register and get its firmware and the configuration?

or do I need to specify the phone loads for each model ?

2. In case If I need to load the firmware and settings manually in CME what steps I need to perform? will I be able to do it from CCA ?

also suggest me any other steps to connect my IP Phones and make them work with their internal extensions (I have already created internal dial peers )


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Level 1

1-The auto get their firmware once you plug them in.  They don't register automatically though, you need to do that through CCA.

2-You can do it from CCA.  When you upgrade the Software pack for the UC520, it has the phone loads on them

I think you just pick which ones you want to install