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pickup handset and see decline?

Mark Smith

So I have a client who's having an issue. The phone is ringing and they pick it up and they see "declined" on the screen. Then they hang up, it rings again, and they can answer the second time. It doesn't happen all the time, but it is happening more in frequency.

The outside calls in are routed to a shared extension that three phones share. They use internal calls so rarely that I'm not sure if it happens on internal calls, but it seems to be only happening on external calls coming in on that shared extension.

We had it setup as a hunt group, but they wanted to see the voicemail indicator on each phone which is why they moved to a shared extension.

I think the problem didn't happen till the shared extension was setup, but they accidently upgraded to 2.3 right about the same time.

Any suggestions on how to solve this issue?


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Mark Smith

This has been going on for a few weeks, but I went over to the location and looked at the issues for the first time tonight. For me it happened when answering about one out of 5 calls. They said it happened on their first 5 calls in a row today. It happens on at least 2 of the three phones with the shared extensions, but these 2 phones are 95% of what's used for answering calls.

Here's a picture of what I see when I try to answer the call. Then I hang up and it rings again and I can always answer it normally the second time. when you pick up the phone and see decline, you hear nothing on the line.

They're on 2.3.1 and all the offending phones are 508g phones (but all but one at the location are these phones).


Thanks for your post on this issue.  I'm checking with our internal test team on possible timing issue that results in this condition.  I'll update the post when I have some feedback.

In parallel please open a Cisco Small Buisness support case so the issue can be tracked to resolution.


Mark ... did you get a resolution to this? I am seeing this on my phones now too ... after the most recent upgrade to 2.3.2. THis is on 504Gs with shared extensions.

Hi Tom,

Please collect syslog for the FXO port. I believe that you would see "line overload detected, automatic going onhook". If that's the case, please have the telco come out to check the electrical characteristics of the FXO lines or purchase a current regulator. The new firmware has some new safety measures in the software to help prevent damage to the FXO hardware.

Best regards,


When talking to cisco we downgraded the firmware and the issue has not arrisen since. So that was the long term temporary answer.

They also came on my system and captured calls when decline happened. They said that the ultimate issue is that the phone company has too much amperage on one of our phone lines (the system isn't supposed to have over 25ma from a phone line).

So I've been dealing with that before trying to upgrade again. The phone company hasn't been willing to deal with it so I've ordered current regulators and will update when I see how that works (and will try upgrading again to see if the issue is solved).

Where did you order the phone line regulators as I suspect my TELCO will be just as much fun to deal with.


I am also having trouble with "Decline" in the display of my 509G phone, since upgrading to 2.3.2(6).  All FXO's ring only to the main phone ext221.  This message is received throughout the day everyday.  What version of firmware was used in the downgrade to temporarily fix problem, as I might have to do so.  I have tried the Syslogs on all lines and cannot find - "line overload detected, automatic going onhook" when I received the "Decline" on first test call.  I will be forwarding the saved Syslog to my open case#623731993.

Also what are the new safety measures in this new software to protect FXO ports.  What are the limitations in voltage, current...., that if exceeded shutdowns the FXO.  I work for the local phone company and need to know so I can test or either put current limiters on FXO.   If a solution has been found please advise.  Thanks

Carl Ange

Hi Carl,

We will have a PMF very soon which can turn off overload detection mechanism. Please check the following site to get the update tomorrow.

Best regards,


Hello all ... Wenjin ... I am looking for that PMF to turn off overload detection. I had the TELCO visit and they assured me that the lines were up to spec but the issue still occurs. I have since reverted to a previous firmware but the settings don't load in the configuration tool so I have a phone system that I can not edit. It all works but changes will be impossible unless I go back to the most recent firmware. I would like a see a resolution to this soon.



Hi Tom,

Sorry for the delay. I am sending the pmf to your email address at <>

Best regards,


Hi Tom,

Sorry, please send your email address to me at I will email you the PMF file.



Same problem. Version 2.3.2(6)

Can you please post PMF file or email to ?

Thank you,


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