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Problems with 9971 and SIP Trunk
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Hi all,

Having a few problems with the new software pack compared to the last version. Now, im trying to test the support of the 9971... so thats the new element here... however I seem to be having problems with SIP Trunks here also (perhaps its the two elements combined).

Im using CCA 3.2.1

Firstly if I start off with a factory default configuration, I run through the telephony setup wizard (provision the first test phone a 7945 - Extension 201)

I then go and configure the networking, VLANs and IP addresses to my test environment.

Next I setup my SIP trunk and DID to ring ext 201. This all tests fine for both incoming and outgoing calls on the SIP trunk.

As soon as I provision the 9971 with ext 202, outgoing calls work fine but incoming calls via the SIP trunk no longer work.

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Level 1

Does your UC happen to be behind another firewall?

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