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Problems with Cisco 7937G Conference Phone constantly resetting after update and config on UC520

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Hi Guys, I have read a bunch of posts about this issue from a couple of years back, and they all pointed at problems with tftp aliases and flash, that were to be fixed in release 8.6.2, but I am experiencing the exact same issue on an up-to-date UC520. It has the latest software pack, 8.6.2, including the latest load for the 7937G. When I first connected the 7937, it downloaded the latest load and updated, then reset and sat waiting for a config. I set it up using CCA 3.2.3, giving it a name and an extension. After saving the config, the phone restarted, booted, sat at the Cisco Systems splash screen for a bit, then shows "Loading Locale", and then says "Resetting", and it now does this in a loop. As soon as I delete the ephone config out of the CLI, the phone boots fine, and sits waiting for a config. And again, if I configure it, it restarts, and then does the same procedure in a constant loop. I have checked the flash and tftp aliases, and they all look fine as per the fixes from the previous posts, as well as checking a tftp debug, and all of the files seem to load fine, so I am at a bit of a loss. Can someone help me out? I have attached a text doc with a sho flash, sho tftp, and debug mon. If you follow the tftp debug, you can clearly see the phone download a few files without error, then wait about 5 secs, and the port goes dead and then comes back on. Any ideas? Thanks, Chris.

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Have you tried factory reseting the phone itself? I would also try removing the 7937 firmware from the uc and rolling the phone back to old firmware to see if that works. I wouldnt roll the whole system back if other phones are working properly. I have a 7937 running latest software no issues, almost sounds like a network problem as if the tftp download is failing causing a constant loop.


Are you using another switch or plugging directly into the switch module on the UC? If you are trunking to another switch try plugging directly into the UC switch module.

Hello Chris,


Please try to add the following:

(config)#tftp-server flash:/its/user_define_4_rp-sccp.jar


Then power cycle the phone.

If this is not working please post the output from "show telephony tftp "




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Alex, you are the best!

I almost burned out my Cisco 7937G for the same problem. I just wrote the line and it came back to life! 

Great Job Master!