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Processing the calllog.mdb file (UC520)

Stu Andrews

Hi Cisco Folks,

Really not sure if this is the right place for these questions. It's REALLY hard to find out any information at all about this kind of stuff.

I mean, google "calllog.mdb". Not much. Do a search for "mdb" in this site, and nothing. Or "calllog". Nothing. Makes me wonder if I'm dealing with some kind of 3rd Party stuff, but am pretty sure it's cisco information.

I'm trying to process the "Log" file in the "Calllog.mdb" file that comes from our UC520.

Have got a question.


It looks like there are 2 records for most calls, and most of the time the PositionNumber and OtherPartyNumber are swapped around (the call is made so there is an acknowledgement record).

What's confusing me the most at the moment is:

* Do the "PositionNumber" and "OtherPartyNumber" fields change meaning based on the "Direction" and/or the "External" field values?

Am asking this because the records in front of me at times seem to contradict. Just when I think I've sorted out the logic, it messes me up again.

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Alexander Maroukian
Rising star
Rising star

Hello Stu,

The CME (Cisco Call manager Express) which is used in the UC generated CDR (call detail records) files which most probably are interpreted by third party software.

Please check the following link for more information about call accounting:



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Hi Alex,

Thanks for the response.

I've discovered the logic that I needed.

For anyone who reads this with a similar issue:

* The "PositionNumber" field is almost always (when dealing with physical numbers, rather than ones like "150", voicemail etc) the number within the Cisco system.

* The "OtherPartyNumber" is always the other number, whether external or internal.

* Then, "Direction" shows who originated the call ("In", means OtherPartyNumber did, "Out" means PositionNumber did).

The key for me was realising that "PositionNumber" was always (in the first record of the usually 2 or more records for a phonecall) the number from the Cisco system.

Hope this is of help to anyone who comes looking the same way I did!

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