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Remotely change Automated Attendant Alternate Greeting?

Brook Powers
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Level 1

It appears as if you cant change the AA Alternate Greeting remotely.

An example would be if a business was closed due to snow and a manager wanted to call in and leave an alternate AA greeting that the office was closed for the day, but staff would be available via Cisco SBCS.

I called the main inbound number, got the AA, then tried #, *, 397, 398, 399.

Nothing works.

Does this have to be configured first in some way? It does not seem intuitive.


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Level 1

Hi Brook,

I have never tried this previously but, to the best of my knowledge via CCA the only way to change the AA Prompts is via Prompt Management Extensions on your IP phones. (this can only be done internally to my knowledge)

You can also upload prompts via CCA remotely through a VPN connection and change them that way if you were comfortable with the manager trying it.

Another option possibly would be to create an announcement only voicemail box that the AA goes to in night service.  You should be able to reach voicemail externally and manage it. 

-Trent Good

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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Configure CUE "administration via telephone". The number can be called internally, or externally, from there you record or delete the alternate greeting.

Can I do this in CCA?  I don't know what CUE is.

CUE is UC500 voicemail.