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Restrict CFWD to valid (or pre-defined) numbers?

Kirk Robinson

I've had a few users mistakenly activate call forwarding on their phone to:

a) a number that is not valid (too few digits for an internal or external call, extension doesn't exist)

b) forward their phone to a valid external number but to a destination thats not approved (i.e. home, other business, etc.).

Is there a way to check the CFWD request initiated by a user via the handset to only use approved destinations?  Perhaps restricting the CFWD to use only internal UC520 extensions or approved devices (specific cell phone numbers,etc.)


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David Trad
Rising star
Rising star

Hi Kirk,

I am not aware of any way to prevent this, I promise you I have looked at this every which way possible, and there is no way to program in a way to prevent human stupidity in other words I am not aware of any way to idiot proof the Call Forwarding setup.

On a daily basis I have one particular client that calls up and requests for this exact problem to be resolve on more then one extension, so I reached my wits ends and decided to spend as much time as possible teaching one person on how to administer the system via the WEB GUI, and in turn they are going to teach users how to manage their own phones (With only user access), this has ended up being the best way to combat this problem on so many deployments.

Alternatively, if the system is running SW pack 8.0.1 or 8.0.2 and was fully configured with CCA (NO CLI), then you can run Office Manager, however in the three places I have this running at, it is causing more problems then doing good, but I have vowed to keep at it and the clients see it as the only decent method to manage small task.



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