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Send Display Message to SPA5xx or SPA3xx Series phones from SIP Server

Sean Devoy
Level 1
Level 1

I have the program samples to update a CISCO SPA5xx phone via HTTP URI.  Unfortunately that URI is not accessible via NAT.

I would like to be able to update the display from the Dial Plan (ie as the call routing progresses).  We use FreeSwitch, but really this is just a generic SIP question.  Is there a SIP INFO method or SIP HEADER or other way for the server to signal a display message update to the SPA5xx series of phones via SIP?


FreeSwitch has a send_display function.  However it has only been coded for SNOM and POLYCOM support.  We can't have that!


Thanks in advance,


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Dan Lukes
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Cisco use standard RFC3428 coding for SIP Text. Read Administrator's guide, it is documented here.


SPA3xx, 5xx, and WIP310 IP Phone Administration Guide


Hi Dan,

RTFM is always good advice.  I have read the entire Administration Guide and refer to it frequently.  However in this case the manual has ZERO information related to my question about how to send a SIP Message with display text except that the feature can be enabled and disabled via the admin menu.  

The link to RFC3428 may prove to be much more helpful though.

If anyone has an actual code sample it might save me considerable time over starting with the  RFC for SMS over SIP.




Admin Guide contain the information that text messages have format described in RFC3428 (it mention not only how to disable/enable the feature) and I didn't said just RTFM but copied relevant part of such documentation to my response. But I'm not willing to waste our time with the discussion about "has been RTFM, or not has been RTFM".

Now I understand you are not interested in format of SIP packets, you are interested rather in code sample that can send such kind of messages.

The Asterisk can send such messages understood by Cisco Phone. You can call sendtext() application from dial plan. For the source code of it see file chan_sip.c, function declared as static int sip_sendtext(struct ast_channel *ast, const char *text)


It may help to you.


Hi Dan,

I am sorry, I meant no offense.  I do think the answer to MANY MANY online posts should be RTFM.  It had not occurred to me to jump in to the RFC.  In the past the few RFCs I have looked at have been massive and virtual impenetrable to the average coder.  In this case your suggestion and LINK were extremely helpful.  I have in fact used that information to discover I can do exactly what I want in FreeSwitch through the ESL (event socket layer). 

Once again, Thank You.  Your answer proved to be far more helpful than anything else I have come across on the subject.


I feel no offense, just a sort of misunderstanding. I glad to hear it helped. Consider marking the response as "correct answer" - it will help others to found the correct solution.

Hi Sean,


can you share how you do that in freeswitch / esl ?