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Shared voicemail

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Level 1

If I want to setup voicemail for two users who use say 5 phones each and have all five phones have their message indicators light when there is a message - What is the best way to do it.  I through it would be shared extensions, but I cannot do that as there ane not enough buttons on a 303 to allocate the shared extension, and the system forces you to use a button.

I then thought hunt groups, but I cannot figure out how to light the VM indicator for all five phones when there is a message?


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Level 4

Hi Jon,

If the user is one of the members of the hunt group, there will be an envelop indicator on the corner of the phone LCD when there is a voice message for the hunt group. The message light will not be lit up because it is only lit up when there is a voice message for the private extension of the phone. Anyway, the user is able to see if there is voice message for the group by checking the envelop indicator,


Hope it helps!

Best regards,


Thank you that is helpful.  But it would be even better if the main VM light would light up, say by grouping phones into a shared extension and having that shared extension VM link to the light.  Could you consider this an a future enhancement please?


Not sure if this is what you want, but you could always use "voicemail to email" forwarding to send an email to a distribution list with both users in the list.  They would both then get a notification in their inbox and be able to play the message through their email or through the phone.

Would that help?



Wendy / Paul - thanks for your advice.  The really strange thing is the VM light DOES LIGHT UP when you have shared voicemail, for every phone that is linked to that account - Now I dont know whether that is due to me assignign a VM monitor button or just because the user/phone is a member of that CM group, but I am happy !!!