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SIP Trunk Outbound Calls



Is there anyway to set your outbound caller id as private or unknown within the UC320? 

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The outbound caller ID can be blocked on a per call basis. The activation is *81.

Also there might be an option with your SIP provided to globally disable the  outbound call id.



My provider has tried to block it but when I dial *82 to unblock it I get a message ofter graping the line - the number is not recognized.  I assume this is the providers circut not the uc320 giving the message.

Hi Donald,

Just to claify, the on the UC320W the *81- Block CID per Call Activation code is on a per call basis and does not stay active until *82 Block CID per Call DeActivation is pressed.

I hope that helps.


I have gotten the SIP provider to block my caller id on their end.  But the issue is now if I need to clear my caller id, it is not accepting *82 to unblock to id to make a call to someone that will not accept private calls.


Can you reach out to your SIP provider if they support the selective unblock of the caller id.  Also  the service might not be *82 but a different key sequence. 


Question - did anyone test star codes on SIP trunks before release?  I have two functioning SIP trunks and star codes will NOT work on those trunks.  You can't use *81, *82, *67, *XX.

Hi Donald,

Are you on the latest 2.2.3(5) Limited Deployment release?


I am on 2.2.2 that is the latest avaible via cloud.

Please check with your SIP provider on any * code support.  They should be able to provide a list of supported features.

The 2.2.2(1) is available on the cloud as latest GA release. The 2.2.3(5) is available via a pmf found here:



They support it.  I think you missed the part this is happening on two different trunks not just one.

I confirm the Block Caller ID *81 works with the SIP provider I have configured in my lab setup.

I am using UC320W with 2.2.3(5) LD release.  

In parallel the test team is checking the * code test coverages.


Hi Donald,

We must be missing something somewhere.  Randy sees it working with his SIP provider on 2.2.3(5).  We just tried it in the lab and see the star code go out in the outbound INVITE to the service provider.  (TO:  * )

What exactly is your SIP provider expecting in the TO:  field for this type of call?  How exactly are you dialing this?  Are you

1.  going off hook

2.  dial 9 or steering digit for your SIP trunk

3.  Dialing your star code at the secondary dial tone 

?   -- or are you using a speed dial that has an address after the star code?

The current SIP trunk dialplan for only support sending *xx  (and no address afterward).

To help debug, you should enable logs (Status->Support Tools -> Logs -> Enable logs and then CHECK your SIP trunk).

Make a call on that trunk then look at the SIP INVITE and corresponding response from the SIP provider.


I press 8 or 9 to grab a trunk, then the star code.  You can't enter a number it fails right there.  Also I noticed in the user guide *67 is the code to unblock, why?  *82 is standard code.  Again I am dealing with two different trunks so I doubt it has to do with the provider.  A free can of raid would be nice to kill the all the bugs.


Please try the following steps.

From SPA phone go off hook and enter *81.  You should hear confirmation tone.

Then dial 8 or 9 to select your trunk and enter the called party number. 

The outbound invite message should contain a flag privacy=full that the SIP provider should acknowledge and block the caller id.

Your points are valid and I will take the action to make sure the steps are properly document to enable disable star code features.



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