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Small Business Office Manager & Extension Mobility

I have a requirement to provide a manager in a business with a "dashboard page" which displays the standard things a manager may want to see - i.e. who is logged in to their phones, call queues, etc.

I thought that the SBOM may be able to do this, but it seems it cannot, since the users are all set up with Extension Mobility. OM just shows me the standard users which are all common room phones, which are in this instance irrelevant.

Is there some way I can provide this information?

For what it's worth I was originally asked if this could be provided by the UC560 via an XML web service, but apparently the CME of the UC500 series have no acessible web services? The reason is because they wanted to integrate it into their internal web dashboards.

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Steven DiStefano
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I passed the feature request for monitoring floating extensions and extension mobility users witin OM to the OM team and PM/TME several weeks ago.

Feedback was it was added to the feature wish list, but no commitment given.

I will pass this request again since it is important to you too

Thanks for the feedback.


Just to bump this thread.  We have a client who has a requirement for purely Mobility Users as they will be hot desking.  I find it hard to understand why we cannot access these users via Office Manager so the end client can make changes etc to these users.

Can this be chased to see if the situation has changed?