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Smart CallConnector Toolbar and Outlook 2010 not working

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I have a Windows 7 x64 machine with Office 2010. I installed the 64 bit version of SCC Toolbar, but the add-in does not appear in Outlook. It is also not in IE9, but it is not supported in IE9 as of yet. Has anyone had luck installing this in this environment?

Thanks for your responses.

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After doing further investigation on my machine and the forums I found a few issues:

Cisco cannot write a .bat file (sorry guys, but you need to use the correct file names in the file)

You cannot load the 32 bit .dll files for IE or Outlook on a 64bit system. Unfortunately, I have the x86 version of Office so I cannot load the Toolbar.

If you use IE9 X64 the toolbar loads once you fix the file names in the .bat file and re-run it.

So if someone can give some advice to get Outlook working that I missed I would be greatly appreciative.

Jeremy Koch
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I would love some help with this too. Have the same problems...

UC540 system with 8.6.2 Software Pack

I managed to get the toolbar in the x86 versions of Outlook adn IE9 by installing the X64 version and fixing all of the .bat file issues. Then we extracted the .msi from the x86 version and ran it using msiexec which registered the necessary files for the x86 versions of Outlook and IE9. The final issue that I am seeing is that I cannot get it to add the 9 for an outside line, it is setup in Phones and Modems, but just will not add it in when you click dial.

I think I have a similar problem with the "adding 9 for an outside line" I have found that I need to put brackets () around the area code before it will add the outside line digit (in my case its 1).

The next frustrating issue though when the popup shows an incomming call, it shows the phone number correctly, but it does not seem to be able to match the incomming phone number with the name of the person on my outlook contacts.

Has anyone any rules they use when entering contacts phone numbers into outlook so they work correctly?

And I'd like to add.. it would be nice if Cisco could get these basic bits of software to work with current versions of IE etc. 3CX seem to be able to do it.

How did you tell it to add the outside line digit?  this is driving me insnane..

I just added it under My Location in Phones and Modems. There is a spot to enter a number for an outside line. This has worked in the past on an install on Unified CallConnector, maybe it just handles it differently.

All of my contacts have the () around the area code.

We are having the same issue with the Toolbar installed. Click to dial works with the correct digit for an outside line being inserted, however the inbound calls are not matching the outlook contact now matter what format you present the CLI to the app. We have tried E164, Area code, Area code with external dialing code to no avail. Any ideas.

Are you able to give a walkthrough of getting the Outlook 2010 x86 toolbar working on Windows 7 x64.

I installed the x64 version, and the popup works.

I then installed the x86 version of Cisco Smart CallConnector Toolbar.msi, using msiexec, but then I had two installations of Cisco Smart CallConnector Toolbar (x86 and x64).  I could not register the Outlook DLLs from the x86 installation, and at that point I gave up.

Tyler Bennett
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Level 1

I have provided some instructions on how to work around the limitations of the Smart CallConnect Toolbar installers and get the toolbars functioning in x32 Outlook and x32 IE on x64 Windows (link below).