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SPA-3102 Voip-PSTN Dials wrong number!


Help.  I have configured an SPA-3102 to connect both the FXS and FXO ports to my trixbox server.  Using a soft phone, Grandstream GXP2000 or an analog phone connected to the FXS port I can see calls being placed to the ATA and I can see it answering the call.  Trixbox reports the number dialled correctly and the SPA web interface reports the last called PSTN number correctly (all calls are being routed out to the PSTN and no dial plan on trixbox changes the number called).

However, the outgoing call gets connected to god only knows what number!  How on earth do I attempt to a) find out what number it is dialing and b) how to make it dial the number I have asked for!

I am in the UK and using a bog standard Virgin Media phone line.

Many thanks

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I think I might have sussed it.  I think the PSTN dialling delay set to 0 so I think some of the digits were being lost before the exchange acknowledged that I actually wanted to make a call.  Experimentation shows me that if I set this to 1, a call to my mobile connects correctly while .5 does not.  I suppose I could assume this is the problem and accept the solution, but thats not the geek way so does anyone know what a suitable value is for a Virgin Media phone line in the UK?

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