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SPA122 and Music on Hold (MoH)

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Can anybody help how to configure MoH on SPA122.

I have CISCO 2951 with CME 10.5 with config

 moh enable-g711 "flash:/"
 multicast moh port 2000 route

Music play on 7931,7961 phone wthen put on hold from this thone.

And how I can configure SPA122 to play music when on hol frome phone connected to ATA?


Thank you


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Dan Lukes
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

SPA122 will not play it. It will just claim the phone requested on hold. The softswitch may play it if it decide to do so.

As SPA122 is not CME compatible device, the setup you mentioned may not apply here.  Unfortunately, I'm not expert on CME so I can't propose you configuration suitable for standard SIP clients.

This forum is not the best place to ask your question. You should ask your question in the forum dedicated to CME. Consider IP Telephony. There are experts for things like it.


Updated: read Cisco Small Business ATA Administration Guide, chapter Configuring Music on Hold. It may or may not solve your issue.

It's a pitty, but spa122 not support "imusic" as MoH ID, and menu different from manual.

I never tried to configure an ATA device to be MOH source. Our MOH is broadcasted from softswitch where the ATA is registered to. But I'm not CME softswitch user, we are using standard SIP only.

Ask experts on IP Telephony how to configure CISCO 2951 / CME 10.5 as MOH source for generic/standard SIP client ...

Thnak you for your help.

I set MoH on CISO 2951 - and it work for CISCO phone 7931,6921.

Can you say how you config MoH on softswich and what kind of switch is ?



Read CME 10.5's Cisco Unified IP Phone Support table. 6921 as well as 7931 are supported phone models. SPA122 is not. It can be connected as generic SIP client only. As I suggested already, ask IP Telephony how to configure CME to provide MOH to generic SIP clients (if it is possible at all).


I'm using Asterisk as softswitch. Not because of price, but because it's highly configurable and sources are available.  So I can patch bugs if necessary as well as I can add new feature if required. I dislike proprietary blackboxes including the CME as you need to wait for author's support in the case of firmware bug or so. I'm not satisfied with Cisco support nor quality of their firmware so much..