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SPA122 freezes when upgrading to 1.3.1(003) via provisioning

Aaron Mount
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I've started pushing out the v1.3.1(003) upgrade to a few of our deployed devices via the provisioning file, but in a test I did last night, 5 out of the 6 SPA122s that I upgraded froze after applying the update.

The server's access logs look like this:

$ zgrep '71.238.**.***' logs/access20130116.log.gz

71.238.**.*** - - [16/Jan/2013:21:47:29 -0800] "GET /ccef4******* HTTP/1.0" 200 17490 "-" "Cisco/SPA122-1.1.0(011) (CBT1*******)"

71.238.**.*** - - [16/Jan/2013:21:48:21 -0800] "GET /firmware/SPA112_SPA122_1.3.1_003.bin HTTP/1.0" 200 9945472 "-" "Cisco/SPA122-1.1.0(011) (CBT1*******)"

71.238.**.*** - - [16/Jan/2013:21:48:35 -0800] "GET /firmware/SPA112_SPA122_1.3.1_003.bin HTTP/1.0" 200 9945472 "-" "Cisco/SPA122-1.1.0(011) (CBT1*******)"


I would have expected the ATA to provision again after upgrading, but it has to be rebooted before it will come back online. It's kind of scary to reboot a device manually after a firmware upgrade without something saying it's okay to do so.

Has anyone else observed this behavior?

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Sam, yes it is available. I am testing on 1.3.1-003 and 1.3.2-007 though so it may be recent change after 1.2.1-004.

Here's what it shows after I post that URL:

SPA122 will upgrade to the new firmware when it is not in use.

Fast blinking of the Status LED indicates that firmware upgrade is in progress.

Please do


unplug the power while the Status LED blinks rapidly.

You can click

Here to return to the login page when the upgrade is completed.

Aaron, sorry I don't know what else to tell ya. It was painful upgrading the SPA's, I think around 10 of 60 devices froze and needed a reboot and a second upgrade. (That's after I had initially remotely rebooted them, upgraded then they froze). We've been running stable on 1.3.1-003 with no complaints for months so I luckily haven't had to experiment with them any further for now. It's good practice though for future hosted pbx w/ Cisco SPA IP phones.

Happy to see the new firmware is out-

I tried using george's suggestion (like the spa2102)

http://IP ADDRESS/admin/upgrade?http://SERVER/spa122.bin

on all versions including Version 1.3.1 (003)

and I get 405 Method Not Allowed !

The devices are set to download the firmware automatically (again like the 2102's) and as well they do not.

Only from the webGUI am I able to upgrade...

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Level 1

HI all,

Anyone figure out how to have the device remote upgrade?