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SPA122 - Making Caller ID to work with TV receiver

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Hello all,

I am trying to make my TV receiver (a Bell Expressvu 9242) display caller ID but it just displays garbage or does not display anything.

Also, the receiver will at time reboot when a call comes in.

Anyone had tried to hook a TV receiver (ideally the Bell Expressvu ones) and made it to work (no reboot and display caller ID)?

When I got my ATA, the ring waveform was Trapezoid so I changed it to Sinusoid. I also played with the ring frequency and ring voltage but it is not really obvious.

Any insights would be appreciated.



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Try to change the ring cadence, eg from default 60(2/4) to 60(1/4) or 60(2/2). Try also to change polarity in regional menu.


We actually came up to reducing the FXS gain from its default of -3 down to -5 and that not only made the Caller ID to show up on the TV but also prevented the receiver from rebooting when the FXS starts ringing.

We also programmed the receiver to prefix *99 (the star code used to turn modem ON) when selecting a paid movie. That made the data communication to work perfectly without the need to adjust the FXS line.


Cole Linsley
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Level 1

I have also tried all these steps to no avail still not working. Did you all get it working? Caller ID on TV.

I have changed the ring waveform to Sinusoid and adjusted the ring cadence. Have also tried adjusting the FXS Gain to -5