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SPA122 Remote Firmware Upgrade


Hello all,

Has any one had issues or success upgrading the firmware of a SPA122 remotely?

I have the parameters set the same way as my 2102's and I do not seem to get my device to pull the firmware.

Any thoughts?

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Patrick Born
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Sam,

The SPA122 is a little different from the SPA2102.

Take a look at the "ATA Firmware Upgrade: Browse Button disabled [grayed-out / inactive]" document linked from the resources doc in my signature.



      Use this reference document to locate SPA ATA resources


Thank you for the reply,

My issue is not with the browse button, I am past that ;-)

Before deploying my device I updated them to the latest firmware, now that a new version came out I uploaded it to my provisioning server. The device all have a Upgrade_Rule representing the firmware.

I do not see any of them successfully pulling it.


If your issue is urgent, be sure to contact the Cisco Small Business Support Center for official help:

What version of firmware is on the ATA that you're trying to upgrade with the Upgrade_Rule?

Some things to try:

1. Enable debug level-3 and define a debug server, start Wireshark and filter on syslog so you can see what the ATA is doing.

2. Verify that the error timers are low so that you're not waiting hours or days before another attempt after an upgrade error. For example:





3. Make sure that your configuration is syntactically correct from an XML point of view and from the ATA's point of view. Keep in mind that it's possible to have legal XML syntax specifying an invalid configuration parameter that will be silently ignored.

4. I recommend you simplify a test configuration file to accomplish the following:

  a. verify that the ATA is resyncing periodically based on your specified resync timer

  b. verify that the ATA is retrieving and applying your configuration file. For example, define a parameter change near the bottom of the config file and then use the web-UI after a resync to verify that the parameter was changed.

  c. user a very simple Upgrade_Rule such as tftp://serverIPaddress/file.xml and verify that it gets requested.



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