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SPA122 strange behavior


We have 2x SPA122.

Both are connected to a CE500 switch where the voice voice VLAN is set to vid 6 and CDP is enabled.

The first SPA122 is configured to enable CDP and DHCP successfully allocates it a lease in our vlan 6 subnet.

The second SPA122 is configured exactly the same but it does not receive an IP address in the voice vlan. It only works when CDP is disabled and then it gets an IP address for our PC vlan (vlan 1)

Firmware is the same on both (1.3.3). I tried 1.3.5 (latest) but that didn't help.

I've tried disabling CDP and setting the vlan on the SPA122 manually. That didn't help.

Tried factory resetting the device several times.

There are plenty of spare IP addresses available in the DHCP scope.

I've tried plugging it into an alternative switchport - it didn't help.

All switch ports except the trunk port are configured with the Phone+PC smartports role

Both SPA 122 devices are setup with bridged networking and the Internet port connected to the switch. The other port in not occupied.

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Dan Miley

did you try the non working SPA on the port that was working?

What type switch is it plugged into?

this sounds like it's plugged into an access port instead of a trunk.  I looked up the admin guide for the CE500, but did not see anything about vlan settings.

can you post a

show run interface xx/xx

for the port that is working, and the one that is not..


You could put the device on an access port with vlan6 untagged...



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