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SPA302 /SPA232 and UC500



will the SPA302D - SPA232D officially supported with the UC500 Series? If yes, for when is the IOS update planned?


best regards


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Agree wholeheartedly with Peter.  The Cisco website makes no mention of the fact that the SPA302D is NOT supported on any Cisco Small business phone system.  This is extremely misleading!

What the heck are we supposed to use this thing for, anyway?  Can we at least hang it off and FXS port and use it as an analog phone (from a UC320/500 perspective)?



It's okay.  I think I got it.


If everything tested out ok would you mind sharing here?



Mark, Could you supply the config to get the SPA232 working with the UC540/UC560.  Don't care that it's not officially supported yet in CCA and I'm familiar with the command line.



Would you mind sharing that config (for the SPA232/302D/SBCS interop), please?




Does your response apply to SPA302D integration with the SRP500 range also mentioned in the roadmap Mark refers to?


Hi Stephen,

The two products are interoperable but the SPA302D Handset must still register to the SPA232D ATA Base Station.

The SRP500 would just be the router in the network.

Cindy Toy
Cisco Small Business Community Manager
for Cisco Small Business Products
twitter: CiscoSBsupport

Regards, Cindy If my response answered your question, please mark the response as answered. Thank you!


so I got today my SPA302 and connected it already to the UC. The config is attached. At the SPA you need only configure the login credentials and Dial plan. I will post a short howto, if everything is working.

But I have still two issues.

1. Some call-transfer isn't working. If I call two parties from the SPA and want to connect them, everything is fine. But if there is an incoming call and I want to transfer this to another dn, there is busy signal and all calls are disconnected.

1st Call          2nd Call       Working

xx->SPASPA->xxBusy tone, all calls disconnected

2. The call-forward busy function isn't working. The second call is still ringing, if I configure huntstop channel there is a busy. But no forwarding.

Would be great if someone can provide a solution for that. So we can create a working how-to to implement DECT phone with UC500.

voice service voip

allow-connections sip to sip


min-se 120 session-expires 120

registrar server expires max 1200 min 300

voice register global

mode cme

source-address port 5060

max-dn 56

max-pool 14

authenticate register


voicemail 99

tftp-path flash:

create profile

voice register dn  1

number 21

name 21 TEST


label  21 TEST



voice register pool  2

id mac 70CA.XXXX.3288

number 1 dn 1

dtmf-relay rtp-nte

username spa302 password 1234

codec g711ulaw

Best regards


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Have you ever found a fix for this?  I'm experiencing the same thing in a lab setup to test these phones. In my test scenario I call the SPA232 from a SCCP registered phone.  I then attempt to transfer from the 232 to another SCCP registered phone.

I did some digging with SIP debugs and noticed a number of errors and issues.

(I have a 525g2 also SIP registered on the system which is what I've used to compare the SIP traces)

First and foremost, when you press transfer the initial time on the 232, the SCCP phone either never receives a notification about this or the notification is malformed in some way.  The SIP messaging should go INVITE>TRYING>OK>ACK but with the 232 the ACK is never received, and the call is never placed on hold on the SCCP phone.  This is where I'm currently stuck, as the debugs I'm using show the INVITE>TRYING>OK as nearly identical (the INVITE from the successful transfer on the 525 has a length 2 less than the INVITE from the failed transfer on the 232)

Does it behave the same way for you?  This is the start/root of the problem because after this the 232 sends an INVITE with a malformed destination URI, instead of .  The rest of the SIP conversation has a number of other flaws as compared to the successful transfer

Hi Christian,

Are you able to provide some deatil on the dial plan that is needed on the phone.

I can see that there are several locations where you can set your dial plan; can you adicse which on you used to get your phone working?

I've got the phone registered, but cannot place calls.


Hello Adam,

I had the last weeks no time to continue testing. But I will check the next days for the Dial-Plan. As I remeber it was really easy and send everything to the callmanager. So no pre-check in the Phone.

If my last post helped you to it would be great if you rate it.

best regards


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Dan Lukes

Note the EOL/EOS has been announced for SPA232D.

I consider it first, final and only Cisco's answer to your question..



Sad but true.  On to the BE6000S!

Sorry, but no.

I'm not going to depend on future Cisco's business plans and selling support decisions. I need solution that will work for decades.


In that case you'll probably want to find a TDM vendor then.  No IP-based collab vendor is going to support a product for decades without that support becoming prohibitively expensive to the customer.

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